Rakoff on Allen on Nextbook.org


David Rakoff has just finished his three-week blog over at Nextbook.org after seeing 28 Woody Allen films in 21 days at the Film Forum in SOHO. Sorry I didn't send you over sooner because the posts are poignant and, for the most part, fun reading"¦ a trip through the past. YOUR past, if you're anything like me and carried these films around with you in your back pocket.

I used to live about two blocks from the Film Forum and remember wishing, for years, actually, that they'd bring in a Woody Allen festival of this sort. So what happens? NYC and I go through a messy divorce and the city celebrates its newfound freedom by sleeping with every film Woody ever made. Thanks New York! For all those years I paid your exorbitant taxes, put up with your otter-sized rats in my apartment, had to walk home from work in the rain because of a flooded subway, and watched as my cobblestone hood became a shopping mall, thanks for paying me back like this.

So to celebrate the end of the festival, I thought I'd dish out some Woody Allen trivia—a quiz for the Allen buffs in the _floss. The answers you'll find after the jump:

1) Which is the correct list of things that Isaac thought made life worth living in Manhattan?
a) Harpo Marx, the Yankees, mental_floss magazine
b) Willie Mays, Potato Head Blues, Edward Gorey
c) Tracy's face, Einstein's e=mc2, Groucho Marx
d) Groucho Marx, the apples and pears by Cezanne, the crabs at Sam Wo's
2) In Zelig, Woody Allen was photographed with what President?
a) Calvin Coolidge
b) Teddy Roosevelt
c) Woodrow Wilson
d) George Washington
3) In Annie Hall, Annie has a spider in her bathroom the size of?
a) her mother
b) a Town car
c) a Winnebago
d) a Buick
e) Edward Gorey

Answers: 1=d, 2=a, 3=d