Greg Veis, YouTube Hunter: Free Kobe!


Editor's Note: This YouTube Tuesday post was sent in shortly before game time, but due to computer problems, didn't make it up in time for tipoff. Kobe, in fact, did not play, and the Lakers lost 99-94 to one sorry sack franchise. It hurts. It hurts so bad. If this post changes just one person's life, though, it'll all have been worth it...Â

Don't try to talk to me about anything else right now, because you, friend, will be rebuffed. Two months back, I bought tickets to see the Lakers play the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. My beloved Lake Show makes it to NYC but once a year, and I was looking forward to Kobe dropping at least 60 on the lowly Knicks, maybe even breaking Jamal Crawford's spindly little ankles. I could brag to friends and blog readers that I was there. Men would want to be me, ladies would want to be with me, and etc. Well, turns out, Kobe just got saddled with a one-game suspension for a totally nothing elbow throw against noted foreigner Manu Ginobli. What does that mean? More Smush Parker than I can get my hands on. Know what that feels like? Something like this:

Kobe's personally appealing the suspension to commissioner David Stern right now, and if history is an indication. Stern will probably let him play, because, haven't you heard, the NBA is totally rigged. Anyway, even if some people disagree, here's hoping that it'll be rigged just for one night—these are the NBA's top two markets after all!—so I can get my Kobe fix. In case he doesn't play, here's some assorted Kobe excellence.

This is what I feel like doing right now, except not to Kobe: