Sweet Treats


Sweets for the sweet! Valentines and sugar go together like yin and yang. But if you don't have a sweetheart, you can still enjoy the sweet things. Believe me, I know the value of spending a lonely Valentines Day noshing on a 32 ounce box of discount chocolate! You may as well have a smile on your face and calories under your belt to go with a broken heart.

For years, we relied on Bittersweets from Despair.com to make us laugh and feel better about being unattached at Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, they are inactive this year. The bottom of the page says they will return in January of 2008, but what do we do now? I looked all over the net, and found some yummy alternatives.

Update: Bittersweets did indeed return in 2008! (Thanks, Jeff!)

cookieshalf-hearted.jpg /

These are calleded Half-Hearted Valentine Cookies. Try out the recipe and let me know if they are as good as they sound.

cookiesILoveMyDog.jpg /

The Ritzy Rover has Valentine cookies to express your love... for your dog. Don't laugh, he's the most loyal and steadfast valentine you'll ever have. These cookies are made with peanut butter and yogurt, since chocolate is not good for dogs.

More imaginative Valentines Day treats, after the jump.

candykeyboard.jpg /

This Valentine Chocolate Key Set has eight keyboard keys made of chocolate with sticky on the back, so you can attach them to your keyboard (or anywhere else). I thought this a really clever gift for your favorite geek, or for yourself.

valentinepancakes.jpg /

Lets have Valentine pancakes for breakfast! Martha Stewart has a recipe for you, or you could use a mix. Either way, the strawberries are important! In fact, you could really mess up the shape of the pancakes and still make a great impression by adding strawberries.

candygummyheart.jpg /

This strawberry-flavored Gummy Heart is anatomically correct in shape, if not in size. If you think it looks weird alone, imagine what it looks like when you're eating it!

cookiesbulletholes.jpg /

Carol Browne made cookies with broken hearts and bulletholes last year.

caketransformers.jpg /

Lea made a Transformer cake for Brett. It's strawberry and peach shortcake with whipped cream frosting, so I'm sure it tasted just as good as it looked.

cakebloodyvalentine.jpg /

Don't you just love this bloody Valentine cake?

435captionhearts.jpg /

The problem with those little candy hearts, whether virtual or not, is that they are so small. You can't get much of a message on there. What if you had more room? Go to the Flickr page, then move your mouse around on these hearts.

But whatever you overindulge on for Valentines Day, don't forget to Floss.

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