Greg Veis, YouTube Hunter: Tyra Banks, Not Sane


One of the distinct  displeasures of full-time employment--and of not having TiVo--is the inability to watch daytime television. Remember the thrill of The Price is Right during a sick day home from school, or for that matter, Tic Tac Dough? There was a feeling of law-breaking, of daring, in watching those shows. You felt as if you were getting away with something, even if the 102-degree fever wasn't lightbulb-enhanced. Well, in the working world, or at least my working world, there are no sick days, and therefore the daytime TV lineup to me is terrain as pure as a baby's crabapple bottom.  But while discussing this phenomenon with graduate student friends this weekend, I was clued in to something that may not come as a shock to many of you: Tyra Banks is f-in' bananas. Not bananas like this, but not within the farthest grasps of okay either. Which, I suppose, is strange to me, since I remember her mostly as the person who helped color in a great many teenage exploratory sessions. Anyway, behold Exhibit A of Tyra's quick descent into Krazy from her self-titled daytime talk show:

(A sympathetic friend said that she was just trying to poke fun at Oprah in the clip. My friend is also Krazy. He enjoys Cocoa Pebbles.)

Here's a little more off-the-cuff Tyra Krazy:

And here's a slightly humorous compilation video of her not altogether sane behavior (beware: the "Imma Cut You" line is vaguely racist):

Anyway, all this televised insanity got me thinking beyond The Tyra Banks Show. She can't be the only one in front of the red light who hasn't the slightest hold on sanity, and surely she's not. Enjoy this other batch of televised mixed nuts:

I'll end with a viewer comment to the Marino clip. It's non-grammatical, but it's insightful, and, in a better world, might even apply to our Vaseline-bedazzled Ms. Banks: "Thats a caged beast right there, that what happens when you take a warrior and put them at a desk."

Think about it...