I'll Have What Her Majesty's Having (famous folk and their drinks of choice)


The sad truth is, we can't choose a brand of jeans unless a celebrity endorses them. Just can't do it. Nor can we pick a rental car service until we know some sort of professional athlete is comfortable shilling for their brand. That's why we're forgoing those no-name Nectarini's we order night after night for a delicious celebrity-endorsed beverage. Because if it's good enough for the Queen, Ernest Hemingway, or even Lyndon B. Johnson, then darn it if it isn't good enough for mental_floss.

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"“ More than tea, Her Majesty prefers a Gordon's gin and tonic. Oh, and don't forget the lemon slices. The British Queen takes 3 of them with each drink.

Lyndon B. Johnson "“ Scotch and soda. When it was hot outside, the former president loved to drive slowly around his Texas ranch in an open top convertible, taking long pulls from a large foam glass. When his cup runneth lower, Johnson simply dangled it out his window. Immediately, a Secret Service agent would run forward, grab the cup, race back to the service car following the president's, re-fill the beverage, then hustle back to hand it off to the Prez. Secret Service with a smile.

Ernest Hemingway "“ While he always portrayed himself to be a man's man, Hemingway loved daiquiris. It's true! The man who loved boxing, fishing and bull-fighting also loved syrupy drinks-- particularly the ones made at the Floridita Bar in Havana, where they substituted maschino liqueur for sugar in the diabetic writer's rounds.

Oprah Winfrey "“ Lemon Drop Martinis. What can you say? I guess all the money in the world simply can't buy class. (Just kidding, Oprah. Let's help the healing begin, though. Invite us on your show and we'll talk through this.)

Rush Limbaugh "“ Nothing by Port wine for our portly friend.

Adam Clayton Powell "“ The first African American to become a major figure in Congress drank Scotch with a healthy shot of milk. Supposedly, the milk calmed his ulcers while the scotch worked on his nerves.

Winston Churchill "“ Despite being a big fan of martinis and having a mother who was responsible for the invention of the Manhattan cocktail, Churchy preferred sipping on Johnny Walker Red!

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Sure, you've seen it on the list above, but it's still a dicey choice. Here's a quick for and against:


Frank Sinatra loved him some Jack Daniels.


Janis Joplin. While she loved her Southern Comfort, and always carried a fifth on stage with her, she's not exactly a ringing endorsement for drinking.


Hunter S. Thompson "“ Wild Turkey on the rocks. If you're going for an authentic Thompson though, you might need to add pills to taste.


Saddam Hussein "“ While he asked for hot water laced with honey for his last meal, Hussein's drink of choice was whiskey on the rocks.