The day you ask your girlfriend to be your wife is a special day. Some guys go to a lot of trouble to make it more spectacular, more memorable, and more surprising than anything else they've ever done. Here are some really awesome proposals found on the internet.


This rooftop proposal in Des Moines, Iowa was found on Google Maps. No word on whether she said yes. A couple more of these are recorded at the Google Earth Blog.


Jeffrey Paul teaches 3D animation at the Art Institue of Californa. He assembled a team of 20 co-workers and students to create this cartoon entitled Love Letters for his girlfriend, Natasha. It took three months. Then the folks from The Learning Channel arranged for Natasha to be brought to a theatre under the pretense that she'd won a prize. Around 100 friends and family members were already in the darkened theater when the cartoon was shown. Natasha's reaction was recorded for the TV show A Perfect Proposal.

Jeff and Natasha were married on June 13 30, 2006. They used another cartoon to invite the wedding guests.

Local Movie Theater


Tom Lane proposed to his girlfriend by arranging for a personal film to be shown before the movie at a local theatre. In the movie, he used 22 placards to ask Tina Kilford to marry him. The video is attached to the story.
Even more spectacular proposals, after the jump.

TV Commercial

Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz wanted to propose to Geraldine in a spectacular fashion. Run an ad during the Superbowl? Well, it didn't quite happen that way, but it happened last month. This is the spot she saw during her favorite TV show, Veronica Mars.

See her response footage here and more here.

Search Engine


Fishkin admitted he was inspired by Barry Schwartz'es Search Engine Proposalin 2005. That was quite clever.

Computer Key


Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. On a Saturday night recently, Bjorn handed Jenny his laptop as they were sitting in the car after an evening out. He instructed her to hit F12, and this screen came up. She said yes!


Outi, rakkaani ja oma pörröpääni: tuletko vaimokseni ja elät kanssani hamaan loppuun asti?Outi, my dearest, will you marry me until death do us part?

Janne proposed to Outi on his blog last summer -in two languages! She said yes! At least, I'm fairly sure thats what she said on her blog. My Finnish is a little rusty.


This surprise proposal was arranged to be seen from the sky as the bride-to-be parachuted in. I don't know what she was thinking when she decided to wear that shirt, but it turned out to be appropriate.

Time-Lapse Camera


During the grand opening of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York last May, a guy took advantage of the time-lapse camera recording the eventto propose to his lady.

Computer Code


Eric Maino wrote his marriage proposal in C# code. She must be a geek, too. She said yes.

Custom Website


Dave Loves Elizabeth. Dave really loves Elizabeth. He constructed a multi-page website to propose to Elzabeth, including a slide show, video, and blog. They married on February 18, 2006. The proposal website won a Webby Award. After not updating the site for months, Dave and Elizabeth announced three days ago that they are expecting their first child.

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