Greg Veis, YouTube Hunter: It's Springtime, B*tch


It officially feels like spring in New York, and naturally my mind has filled itself with the standard vernal fare: watching boiling water turn instantly to snow, contemplating the delicious gayness of 300, wishing I could play Nerf basketball more often and rap about why my alma mater sucks. If only I had videos to complement these thoughts...

Oh wait, I do? You mean this wasn't just a not-so-clever writing device meant to tweak your expectations? Awesome! Looky here:

Looks like I won't have the opportunity to do that for at least seven more months. Take that...winter?

Here's the 300 remix. Best use of "It's Raining Men" since The Full Monty!

These guys might not have discernible workplace skills, but nobody can deny that they're talented. And that they have badass post-shot stares. Icy.

And as much as I hate to say it, this video taking a virtual crap on Duke is genius. The "soccer mom at 19" line is particularly cutting.

Anyway, about Duke more generally: I was talking to a friend about the joy riots that were unleashed after Duke's first-round loss in the NCAA Tournament. We noted that hatred towards the school—always high—had reached heretofore unreached levels, that it had hit the point where, in the ever-finicky world of pop culture, there's typically a backlash to the backlash. So, Backlash, wherever you're hiding, it's safe to come out now. Honest. We alums are waiting for ya.