The Lure of Fishing


Now that the daylight lasts longer and the weather is more pleasant, it's time to confront the big decision: should I mow the lawn or go fishing?

Field and Stream published a list of the 50 Best Fishing Lures. Just the names made me curious: Swedish Pimple, Pencil-Popper, Pork Frog- those terms probably make perfect sense to a fisherman. But not to me. So I went looking for strangeness in the world of fishing lures.

What is this Talking Frog Lure for? Does the frog talk to the fish? In fish language or frog language? Or is it to keep the fisherman from getting lonely? I found another version on eBay, issued by Budweiser.

435_detroitminnowtube.JPG /

This lure is for fishermen who want to use live bait, but don't want your live bait to die. Or if you are too cheap to buy more than one minnow... ever.

More strange and wonderful fishing lures, after the jump.

435_punklure.jpg /

These are labeled

Japanese punk rock fishing lures

. I'm not sure what makes them punk rock, but they are kinda strange. You can buy them


, if you can read Japanese.

435_bottlecaplure.jpg /


Bottle Cap Lure


recycles bottle caps by making fishing lures out of them. Hey, if those bottle caps are going into the lake, it's better to have them attached to a line, isn't it?

435_fishinglurenecklace.jpg /

Some fishing lures are so realistic, such works of art, that it seems a shame to throw them in a lake. If you have one you are particularly find of, you can

make a


out of it!

435_million dollar lure.jpg
435_million dollar lure.jpg /

Mac Daddy's

million-dollar fishing


is an exotic big game lure encrusted with 100 carats of diamonds and rubies in 14karat gold! Personally, I wouldn't have the nerve to throw that one in the lake!

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