Who else drinks grass?


Lately I've been on a wheatgrass kick. In the past I'd always seen people getting those little shots at jamba juice and thought the stuff looked about as appetizing as algae.

But somewhere I recently read wheatgrass works wonders on the digestive system, which, at my age, can only be a good thing. That some proponents claim it also prevents cancer, heart disease, hair loss and a whole host of other age-related ailments didn't interest me much, though it certainly didn't detract from the idea of downing a single-shot of the algae-looking sludge either.

So I threw one back the other week, followed quickly by a sip of orange juice, which jamba kindly provides, and lo and behold: it doesn't taste so bad! In fact, two weeks in, and I'm finding I kinda like the taste.

The "father of wheatgrass", Charles F. Schnabel, liked to say back in the 1930s: "Fifteen pounds of wheatgrass is equivalent to 350 pounds of the choicest vegetables." Now, what "choicest" really means, I couldn't tell you, but even if he was off by, I don't know, HALF, and it only equals 175 pounds of vegetables, well, that's just fine by me, too.

So the questions I put forth is this: Who else likes it? Who hates it? Who thinks it's all a big crock? And, most importantly, who has seen any real benefits from drinking grass?