Hirsute Goodness


There's just something about a man who's not afraid to take his facial hair to the next level. Reggie Jackson, John Oates, G. Gordon, Mr. Monopoly, the Selleck--all such mustachioed legends. This fall, members of Beard Team USA will travel to the UK to compete at the World Beard and Moustache championships. It's not too late to get on board--according to their site, Beard Team USA is currently recruiting:

The team is actively recruiting new members in the hope of fielding the strongest possible squad for the next championships, which will take place in Brighton, England, on September 1, 2007. Membership in Beard Team USA is open to everyone. There are no dues, no applications, and no acceptance process.

If growth gets out of hand (which it will, if you're ever going to achieve glory!), you'll want to consider investing in a snood...

A snood is like a brace for your mustache, except it has a much lighter touch. Some consider it equivalent to a shower cap or a couch cover--it's basically going to be there to protect and guide the stache through potentially adverse sleeping hours. The employees of a Louisville coffee shop should know something about snoods--they banded together this year to dedicate March as the "March of the Moustache" and posted the results on their blog. Mustaches for Kids is an organization whose nationwide chapters all challenge their upper-lip follicles to raise money for children's charities. Even the 826 crowd is getting on the stache-as-bonding-slash-charity-event bandwagon--on their site you can enjoy mustache haikus and donate in honor of your favorite specimen.