From the Vault


I was just wandering through the mental_floss blog archives, re-reading the posts that inspired discussion in the comments. In case you weren't with us from the very beginning "“ and judging by our traffic stats, few people were "“ here are ten entries you might have missed.

The original "Cat Power"? March 1, 2006. Our third-ever post, by Mangesh, managed to pick up eleven comments "“ a huge number for that era. Though it took almost five months to get the eleventh.

Weekend Word Wrap: mondegreens. August 4, 2006. David asked readers to comment on their favorite misheard lyrics. Fifty-three people responded.

Contest: Your Favorite Song, But Better. August 14, 2006. Inspired by David's post, Mary called on people to re-engineer lyrics to improve songs. 189 song re-writers lined up to do so.

In the beginning, we needed help naming the book. October 23, 2006. Readers chimed in to help us name the latest mental_floss book.

Contest: Invent the world's stupidest sport! August 1, 2006. This one pretty much explains itself.

Caption this scary found photo, Part II. November 16, 2006. Ransom found some eerie photos and a bunch of people helped provide fictional context.

The best phrase to applaud innovation since "sliced bread." November 10, 2006. The human race has come up with some amazing concepts since serving-size bread. Haven't we?

Show off your smarts! November 1, 2006. Will asked the audience to provide the trivia. The topic was movies, and the results were fascinating.

Weekend word wrap: clichés. December 22, 2006. Another of David's successful Weekend Word Wraps. Readers vented about their most hated most overused expressions. It was cathartic for all involved.

What our stickers say about us. February 16, 2006. Ransom rounds up the quirky bumper stickers he's come across, and readers share their own.

While the newcomers still aren't fully up to speed, you're closer. We'll do this again soon. And if I missed one of your favorite old posts, tell us which one.