The Best Lists of The Best Books


A few weeks ago, I posted a link to early reviews of the all-time best novels. In that case, the novels were chosen by the editorial board of the Modern Library. But there's no shortage of 'Best Books' lists. Here are a handful.

The Guardian's 100 Best Books of All Time. "Full list of the 100 best works of fiction, alphabetically by author, as determined from a vote by 100 noted writers from 54 countries as released by the Norwegian Book Clubs. Don Quixote was named as the top book in history but otherwise no ranking was provided."

BBC "“ The Big Read "“ Top 100 Books. Results of a BBC search for the country's most-loved novel. The Lord of the Rings edged out Pride and Prejudice for the top spot.

The Book List (Or the 778 Best Books of All-Time). The 778 best books of all-time, as ranked by readers, visitors, friends, and the creator of the Blue Pyramid. To Kill a Mockingbird defeats Hamlet for the gold.

The Sports Illustrated Top 100 Best Sports Books of All Time. The Sweet Science tops a list that includes Ball Four, Paper Lion, The City Game, North Dallas Forty and Whatever Happened to Gorgeous George?

The 100 Best Children's Books of All Time. names 100 stories that will "excite your kids and remain in their memories for years to come. This list represents the views of parents, children's literature experts and our own readers."

National Geographic Extreme Classics: The 100 Greatest Adventure Books of All Time. The Worst Journey in the World was named best book of the adventure genre.

Did your favorite list not make this one? Let us know.