Finger length predicts SAT scores?


According to LiveScience, new research is suggesting that finger length can tell whether you'll score higher on the math or verbal section of your SATs. Here's the key: If your ring finger is longer than your index, apparently you're math-minded. If it's reversed however, you're likely to have stronger reading and writing scores. Curious why? Here's the explanation from the article:

Exposure to testosterone in the womb is said to promote development of areas of the brain often associated with spatial and mathematical skills, he said. That hormone makes the ring finger longer. Estrogen exposure does the same for areas of the brain associated with verbal ability and tends to lengthen the index finger relative to the ring finger.

And while all of that definitely sounds interesting, I'm a little curious what it means if all your fingers are short and stubby like mine. That said, I was so intrigued by the phenomenon that I looked up a bunch of stars' handprints to see what their scores would be like. According to my shoddy internet findings Richard Gere, Sharon Stone and Akira Kurosawa all would have done better on their math portions than their English-- which makes sense since English wasn't Kurosawa's first language. (Kidding!) So, the finger thing accurately predicted that I'd do better in math, which was true. Do your fingers match up with your test scores?
Link via YahooNews.