Internet Bacon


The prevailing lore is that once you discount spam (which we all try to ignore), 98% of the internet is composed of cats, pornography, MySpace, and bacon. Bacon? Yeah, bacon is all over the internet. I first noticed bacon as a shared motif when John Scalzi taped bacon to his cat. It was on his list of "things to do" and some commenters did not believe he'd do it. The cat was the hottest thing on the internet for a while. He later posted a motivational poster summing up the experience.

And why not? Bacon is tasty, fattening, decadent, and in some religions, taboo. A couple of my favorite blogs, The J-Walk Blog and YesButNoButYes have posted so much about bacon that it achieved its own category on both sites. There are entire blogs dedicated to bacon, including The Bacon Show, Bacontarian, Six Degrees of Bacon (not Kevin Bacon), and Bacon Unwrapped. You can keep up with bacon news as it happens. If you broadened your scope to pork or barbecue, no doubt you'll find a lot more bacon resources. After all, this is the Year of the Pig.

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Some recipes are hard to classify as dessert, but they are still a bit on the strange side. I'm thinking of Bacon-Wrapped Dates and the Bacon Martini.

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Archie McPhee stocks items you'd never otherwise associate with bacon. You can clean up after a bacon meal with Bacon Flavored Toothpicks, then pay for it with money you keep in your Bacon Wallet. Always keep some Bacon Strip Bandages handy! If you like those items, you'll love the What Would Bacon Do? Spin Folder.

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