Name That School


School names generally fall into four categories. They are:

1. Geographical. Names are often derived from characteristics that define an area, or the area itself (Lakeview, Valleyview, Chatham Middle School, West Morris Central, Livingston High School).

2. Famous Historical Figures. Many schools are named in honor of the great men and women studied within (Ronald Reagan Middle School, Dr. Sally K. Ride Elementary, Helen Keller School, Herbert Hoover Elementary, Johnny Appleseed School and Polk High).

3. Less Famous Historical Figures. Others celebrate the legacies of former board of education members, notable principals, or otherwise prominent residents (Amos W. Harrison Elementary, Alexander Doniphan Elementary, Katharine D. Malone School).

4. Feel-Good Words. When all else fails, go with a pleasant-sounding or patriotic noun (Liberty Middle School, Independence Elementary, Patriot Elementary School, Rolling Hills School, Green Meadow School).

And there is probably a fifth group encompassing everything I missed. But rather than prolong this exercise in categorization, let's consider unearthing some new ground. I think we can do better than the same old naming conventions. If you found yourself in position to name a school -- for argument's sake, let's say it's a middle school; a massive write-in vote elected you the decider for this peculiar endeavor -- who or what would you honor? No city names or Presidents. Think harder.

Bonus question. Back in March, Miss Cellania had arguably the greatest mental_floss post ever, with her look at school mascots. If you went to or live near or know of a bizarrely named school (not nicknamed), that's also something we'd like to know.