Flight of the Conchords


Confession time: My wife and I are totally and hopelessly enamored of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement of the new HBO series, Flight of the Conchords.

If you haven't seen the show, it's sorta like Spinal Tap meets Napoleon Dynamite. Actually, it's more than sorta like that, it's very much like that, with two giant scoops of geek-ness on the side. So if you dig those two movies, or even one of them, chances are you'll dig Conchords, too. HBO's has entire episodes available for viewing on their website—but you really need to start with the pilot to understand the genius of this unique "digi-folk" duo.

Transplants from New Zealand, now living on the Lower East Side of NYC, trying to "make it," Bret and Jemaine are the actual names of the two stars and co-creators of the series. In a sense then, it's a little like a reality show, as well. Their geek-mockeries of different MTV video fashions rival those in Spinal Tap and their original tunes (which they've apparently been playing and perfecting for the last 5+ years) are side-splittingly quirky.

But enough of my yappin'—don't believe everything you read here on the _floss"¦ check out the free-styling Hip-hop-opotamus and Rhymenoceros in the clip below and learn a little about real hippos while you're at it.