The mental_floss award gets named!


BREAKING NEWS: After reviewing all 360+ award names, and debating vigorously over which one was the so-called flossiest, we've finally (FINALLY) made our decision. Because the following entries all made us smirk, the clever cats behind them will be getting a free t-shirt of their choice (and size!) from the mental_floss store.

As for the winner, he'll be getting a whopping mental_floss prize pack along with endless bragging rights that mental_floss relied on his brain power to name their super cleverly titled award. Of course, those rights will also be transferable to his parents should his mom or pop also feel the need to brag. While we can't wait to reveal the full list of award winners to you guys in next month's issue, we're pretty sure you can't wait to read who snagged a free shirt, so here goes:

Runner-Up 1: Rosalie, with the hilarious name, THE FLOSCARS. Very cute.

Runner-Up 2: Andy's cleverly anagrammed title: The ATLAS FROWNS MEDAL (switched up letters from the mental_floss awards). If only you could have figured out how to fit that pesky underscore in there, we might have gone with it.

Runner-Up 3: Raymond N's genius idea for THE MENTAL "˜WARDS. Really close, with this one, too.

And Runner-Up 4: Al's really funny (and slightly kiss-uppy) play off the founders' names THE WELL MANGLED AWARDS. (Al, if only you managed to include the names Neely, Jenny, Toby, Melanie, Sandy, Kara, Barry, Winslow, Lexi and Jason in there too, you would have had a chance!). We like your thinking though, and it's exactly that sort of flattery that'll get you a t-shirt.

And of course, the winning entry"¦.

The Richard F. Finknottle Prize in Thermodynamics, as suggested by mental_floss' staff thermodynamicist, Richard F. Finknottle. Congratulations Richard!

I'm kidding. We're actually going with John's name: THE GOLDEN LOBES. Kudos to John Brown, all the runner-ups, and also to all the people who made it all the way through this post.