Real Life Charlie Brown Contest "Winners"


Oh man, what a competition! There were tons of great entries for our Real Life Charlie Brown contest. (Like the gal who needed to go #2 in the woods, only to find that the tree she squatted under was right in the middle of a high school's cross country path! Or the drum major who slipped on his way to the podium, and tried to conduct the song's final measures on his back, with one arm clutching to the podium.) But these were the 3 that made us laugh the loudest:

  • Mrs. Djs' tale of being locked out of her honeymoon suite on her wedding night"¦ barefoot and scantily clad. She found that no one at the hotel was on duty, so she ended up hitching a ride back to the reception with a Domino's delivery boy, to borrow her mother's car, to try to get some keys—all while still in her nightgown! Oh, and there was a bloody groom involved too! Worst wedding night ever.
  • Natasha's story of spraying Lysol at her work's historic Civil War bathroom, then using the facilities, only to find that the combination of the old toilet seat material and the cleaning agent had created a super glue.
  • Kathy A's horrific tale of trying to make friends in a new school under awful conditions. Despite having an allergic-reaction puff up her face (part I of the awful story) and having been turned into a zebra by a novice hair stylist (part II), Kathy tried to make friends with a sports buff by showing off her sporty sneakers. While she got the guy's attention by sticking her shoes near his desk and casually flaunting them, she later realized it was less because of the Cubs insignia on them, and more because she'd stepped in something on her way to class.

Congratulations to all the winners, who'll be receiving T-shirts of their choice from the mental_floss store! And for those of you who didn't see the original post on Charles Schulz and his no good, terrible luck definitely click here. It'll make you feel much , much, much better about your day.