Around the world in a few good garage sales, Part II


NAME: Lucy Cousins
OCCUPATION: Director, South American Explorers, Buenos Aires
LOCATION OF GARAGE SALE: The clubhouse of SAE in Buenos Aires
PURPOSE OF SALE: To raise money for our non-profit
FAVORITE ALBUM: Buena Vista Social Club

When was your garage sale and what was the weather like? We had the garage sale inside, but the weather was actually really nice!

Have you attended garage sales in other countries? What have you noticed about sales in Buenos Aires? Buenos Aires doesn't really do the garage sale thing. There are a few fetes, but they are known as the feria it's not a normal thing here. Garage sales/fetes seem to be more a thing of the upper class--so the things for sale are usually expensive

What kind of people attended your sale? We attracted backpackers looking for cheap clothes, books and shoes!

Were there items you were sad to see go? I was sad to see some of my clothes sell. Sometimes I fall in love with clothes, and don't notice that they actually look terrible on my body until it's too late!

What do you consider the "oddest" thing you sold? A Lonely Planet book with nearly all of the good sections torn out!

Were you ever insulted by the way people handled your items/put them down? Definitely...watching people touch my stuff like it was junk, and say "oh that's too much to pay for that'' makes me angry when I know that I paid three times the amount.

If you could go to the garage sale of any celebrity, whose sale would it be & what would you hope to buy? Helena Bonham case she has any of her old movie costumes from her Merchant-Ivory days!