Those hard-to-resist-Svengalis: Stage Mothers


In the midst of all the Kid Nation hype & the ongoing fascination w/Lynne Spears, Dina Lohan, it seems that the presence of stage mothers is stronger than ever. Here's a look at few stage moms from yesteryear.

THE MOTHER: Rose Thompson Hovick, aka Madame Rose, Mama Rose
THE CHILDREN: June Havoc and Gypsy Rose Lee
FAMOUSLY: pimped 2 year-old June into a song-and-dance act, dressed Gypsy as a back-up dancing boy, taught her daughters to shoplift, lied to them about their ages, attempted to kill June's love interests, ran a lesbian boarding house in her later years
TRIVIA: Mama Rose's last words to Gypsy were: "Wherever you go"¦I'll be right there. When you get your own private kick in the a--, just remember: it's a present from me to you." The last line of Gypsy (1962), adapted from the memoir: "Only it was you and me wearing exactly the same gown. It was an ad for Minsky. And the headline said, 'Madame Rose, and her daughter Gypsy.'"

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THE MOTHER: Teri Shields
THE CHILD: Brooke Shields
FAMOUSLY: announced to reporters in the middle of interviewing her daughter that Brooke had to "tinkle"; allowed Brooke to model nude at 10 years-old for Garry Gross; Teri on Brooke: "Well I think any parent who was given the opportunity would do the same thing... I think Brooke is sort of like a work of art. And like any beautiful painting, I think the world should enjoy Brooke and view her."
TRIVIA: Brooke fired Teri as her manager in 1995; her marriage to Andre Agassi was annulled so she was allowed to marry Chris Henchy in a Catholic church