You can make food to look like anything, including things no one would ever eat. All these suggestions come with recipes and instructions. Remember, for a scary Halloween party, presentation is everything.

To start off your party, offer your guests some White Chocolate Sugar Skulls. Kathy designed these for Dia de los Muertos, but they work pretty well for Halloween, too. More cute than disturbing, they set your guests up for worse things to come.


The Bloody Brain is an appropriately gruesome cocktail. The recipe, from Flickr user boomette, contains schnapps, grenadine, and Irish cream. The trick is in pouring the cream to keep it in a "brain" shape.


Don't these Eerie Eyeballs look delicious? They look amazingly like eyeballs, but the ingredients are marshmallow, gelatin, and cream cheese. Another recipe on the same page tells you how to make Awful Arachnidsfrom icing.


Awful Edible Fleshworms make a great entree. Under the Alienlarval appearance lies a delicious pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon!


What does a Kitty Litter Cakehave to do with Halloween? Hmm, we decorate with black cats at Halloween, and it looks pretty gross. But there is nothing in this recipe that's not edible. And of course it's served in a brand-new "pan". What you see is actually cookie crumbs and Tootsie Rolls. Kristian Hoffman has the recipe.


Barbara Jo and Barbara May love horror films and cakes, and have a website about each. Occasionally, they combine these hobbies to make masterpiece desserts, like this Killer Rats Cake, which comes with illustrated instructions. They also did a Zombie Cake and a Thorax Cake. See more cakes at Do It Myself, and horror movie reviews at They're Coming, Barbara!


The Bleeding Human Heartdessert looks like something that should be in an organ-donor cooler, but it's made of gelatin, with blood inside made of grenadine and corn syrup. The presentation is important; be sure to use a large butcher knife to slice the molded gelatin to achieve the proper flow of blood when serving. This recipe is part of a page with lots more ghoulish recipes.

If you serve any of these dishes, you may want to warn your guests about "surprising food" when you invite them. You don't want people to leave hungry and possibly sick!