Thankfully, I'm no celebrity. But that doesn't stop people from confusing me with Adam Sandler, Jason Biggs, Ben Stiller, Jerry Seinfeld or even, once, Seth Green. Now, would you confuse any one of those four guys for another? By asking me for Jerry Seinfeld's autograph in Ikea (verily I say unto thee) are you actually saying I'm really just a familiar, funny, Jewish face? When confusing me with Adam Sandler on the beach in Malibu is it because you know he lives there "“ so, naturally you'd expect to run into him there while using the public toilet? (Once again, I jest not.)

Almost all of us have been compared to one celebrity or another at one point in our lives. Almost all of us have a celebalike or two "“ that's my word for the celebrity you get compared to most often. It can be annoying, it can be fun, it can even be annoyingly fun. Now there's a Web site that capitalizes on our obsession with celebalikes:

The main purpose of the site is to build a family tree, but they've also got this cool face recognition tool with thousands of photos of celebs in their database. After uploading your mug into their database, the site spits out your top matches in real time.

1.jpgI'm not so sure how accurate it is because my wife always says I look like the male version of Katherine Keener, yet the site insists my top female match is Courtney Cox. (Top male pick: David Schwimmer...oy.) I guess a lot of it depends on what photo you upload. Regardless, it's pantloads of fun, and a sure-fire way to kill time when things are slow around the office.

21.jpgSo give it a whirl and then come back and tell us how accurate it is. We also want to know who your celebalike is. Let us know and give us a link to your flickr/photo page so we can see for ourselves. (start with, NOT http:"¦)

And remember: Even celebrities get confused for celebrities. Leonard Bernstein was on a plane once and a man asked for his autograph. Only it wasn't Bernstein's autograph the fellow wanted, it was Kenny Rogers'!

So how "˜bout you???