Eight Wacky Action Figures (Plus a Quiz!!)


In recent years, the toy market has been inundated with action figures, both typical (superheroes) and not-so-typical (historical figures). Sadly, though, many of the action figures are still rather humdrum. To help you steer clear of boring desk decorations, we've dug through the plethora of action figures to bring you the best of the bizarre and offbeat.

Bossman & Deluxe Jesus

1. BossMan: This 3-faced super hero / super villain comes with a Wisdom Amplifier, Magical Management Stogie, Wireless Worker Leash, Truth Mystifier, and Early Retirment Plan. BossMan is also either the most appropriate action figure for work or the most inappropriate—You decide!

2. Deluxe Jesus: You may have seen Jesus action figures before, but I bet you haven't seen the miracle-working action figure! The Deluxe Jesus kit includes a Jesus with "glow-in-the-dark miracle hands," as well as 5 loaves of bread, 2 fish, and a jug for turning water into wine. (Sadly, the company does not guarantee miracles.)

Devo, Fuzz & Houdini

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3. Devo: Feeling nostalgic for the days of Devo? Now you can bring the party home with a Devo action figures complete with 5 interchangeable heads, a whip, and, of course, an energy dome.

4. Fuzz: Fuzz is the hipster action figure. He stands apart from the crowd of other action figures because (1) no one has ever heard of him before and (2) he has three interchangeable heads.

5. Houdini: The master of escapes comes with a chair, a cloth straight jacket, real rope, and working shackles, so you can reenact your favorite escapes over and over again.

Marie Antoinette

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SuperMom & Vincent Van Gogh

mom-vangogh.jpg /

7. SuperMom: This mom juggles it all... groceries, cell phone, children, work, and even her own second head!

8. Vincent Van Gogh: Impress friends and coworkers with your own personal Van Gogh and a collection of mini masterpieces. Plus, who can resist the second, bandage-wrapped (and presumably one-eared) head?

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Let's hear all about your bizarre action figures, whether you own one, want one, or have a great idea for a new one.

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