Weekend Word Wrap: homophonic puns


I've talked about homophones before, in the shape of dittograms. (If you don't know what a dittogram is, you really must spend a few minutes in the old post. For any serious word-nut, they're oodles of fun!)

As you recall, homophones are homonyms that share the same pronunciation, e.g.: to, too, and two. Rather than hosting another ditto-fest, today I thought we'd use the homophone to explore the land of the pun, which has been an ongoing theme recently in the Wrap.

One of my favorite corny jokes in the whole world involves a homophone pun and goes something like this:

Larry: Hey Jeff, wanna play tennis tonight? Jeff: Nah, can't. I've got a weak back. Larry: Really? When did you get it? Jeff: About a week back.

Here are two more classics:

- Being in politics is just like playing golf: you are trapped in one bad lie after another. - Seven days without laughter makes one weak.

I thought I'd use the Wrap now to introduce a new video feature I'm calling Mishugas. Because this first 60-second episode happens to deal with this sort of pun, I thought it would be an appropriate way to introduce the new, periodic video feature I'm planning.

So for the interactive part of the Wrap, I invite you loyal Wrappers either to a) come up with or share your own homophonic pun or, b) after watching the video, leave a comment suggesting a homophonic pun you'd like to see me tackle in a future installment of Mishugas. I'll pick one good one and try to make it happen.