The Week in Review (Plus Some Weekend Nonsense & a T-Shirt Giveaway)


In case you weren't glued to this site all week, consider this your make-up class. Here's a look back at some of the wonderful topics we've recently covered:

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Read on for more of this week's best posts, plus the aforementioned weekend nonsense and a chance to win a t-shirt!

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And here now the nonsense: How long do you think it takes for toothpaste to fall off the brush?

113059.jpg /

At 11:30am Eastern Time this morning (and 59 seconds), I (Jason) stood my Braun Professional Care electric toothbrush upright. At what time will the toothpaste become unstuck and reach the strategically placed Post-it Note waiting below?

paste.jpg /

A couple of things to consider:

1) After taking this picture, I relocated the toothbrush to the top of my dresser. Laptop heat is not a factor.

2) The toothpaste is Crest Sensitivity.

We'll play Price is Right rules. The person who comes closest to the actual time of toothpaste/toothbrush separation without going over wins a free mental_floss t-shirt. You can guess up to five times, but they all must be in separate comments. Keep those guesses in Eastern Time. And be sure to mention which shirt you're playing for. Like this:

Comment #1: Jason
Saturday, 11:33am
Rhesus shirt, Large

Since there's nothing more boring than thinking about someone watching toothpaste, scroll back up and read a few of this week's greatest hits. I'll post the winning time tomorrow. Best of luck.

UPDATE: Sunday, 11:52pm

Around 3pm Saturday, I moved the toothbrush back to its bathroom base. (Around 2:59pm, this was what my wife said: "Seriously, get the toothbrush out of here.") All afternoon, the increasingly solid Crest Sensitivity toothpaste clung admirably to the bristles. But after an intense evening walking of the dog, I chose to shower up. I like my showers hot. And the steam hot showers produce does wonders for crusty globs of toothpaste. While toweling off, I noticed the toothpaste had fallen, the contest over. It was 10:38pm. Looks like Sarah's guess "“ 10:04pm "“ is the winner! We'll be in touch about your t-shirt. Congratulations!