One Bada** Debate (we need your vote)


Jason and I like to run a clean site. We scrub our posts of 4-letter words, and have bars of soap at the ready for any potty mouths around the office. And for the most part there are easy replacements. Our good friend Roget has quick fixes for most swears and curses, and a thumb through the thesaurus generally provides seamless solutions. But here's our question: Should we be allowed to use the word badass in posts? There's a certain attitude to the word that seems distinct. Plus, comes up shamefully short on replacements. Take a look for yourself:

agent provocateur, agitator, bad actor, dog, gremlin, heel, hellion, incendiary, inciter, inflamer, instigator, knave, loose cannon, meddler, mischief-maker, nuisance, phony, punk, rabble-rouser, rascal, recreant, rogue, smart aleck, snake, stormy petrel, weasel, wise guy

So what should we do? When you want to talk about Louis Armstrong's statement against Eisenhower, or Miles Davis' refusal to go on as a warm up act for Steve Miller, that 6-letter word seems so perfect. Plus, "gremlin" and "stormy petrel" just won't do.

So readers, should we use it or not? Should we stick to the asterisks? And what replacement would you choose for a title like 6 Bada** Quakers You Need to Know. Leave your arguments in the comments and we'll tally 'em up and decide.