Giving Away A Book A Day (Sunday)


In the spirit of Christmas and cleaning out our closet, let's give away some books. Every day between now and December 27th*, we'll come up with a different, slightly absurd method to determine a winner.

Here's what you're playing for today:

A completely revised edition of the best-selling 10,000 Answers, 15,003 Answers: The Ultimate Trivia Encyclopedia includes even more entertaining, fun, and engaging trivia! It is a portal to the world of little-known facts and an absorbing destination itself. Features include: "¢ Foreword written by Jeopardy winner and trivia-buff, Ken Jennings "¢ Over 15,003 entries completely revised and updated, on a wide range of subjects--everything from theme songs to amendments comprising the Bill of Rights "¢ Hundreds of lists

And here's today's game: I've picked a number at random between 1 and 15,003. First person to guess correctly wins. You may guess 8 times, but all 8 guesses must come in separate comments. And if you'd be so kind to include your city and state in one of your comments, that would be fun for us to know.**

*If, while cleaning our closet, we find more books to give away, we'll keep this going into 2008. If not, the date stands.

**This sounds like a nefarious plot to obtain your personal information. I assure you, we're just nosy. Feel free to decline to participate in this portion of the book giveaway.