Greatest Hits of '07: Unfortunate/Clever/Unpronounceable Street Names


As we near year's end, we're re-posting a few heavily commented-upon posts from earlier in 2007. Here's one of my favorites, from May.

Inspired by this, the Freakonomics Blog held a discussion about whether a home's value is negatively affected by a really awful street name (the verdict: maybe, but probably not). I am not compelled to conduct further research.

But this got me thinking. Do I know any really awful street names? Near my house growing up, we had The Hobo Path. Though I don't recall that appearing on any signs or maps. I don't remember encountering any hobos, either. There is a Breakneck Road in Green Pond, New Jersey. Kind of scary. Interstate 70 becomes The Mark McGwire Freeway in St. Louis, named long before his infamous Congressional testimony on steroids. In a baffling example of city planning, pretty much every road in Atlanta is Peachtree-something "“ though that's more confusing than really awful.

Here are a few more examples...

"¢ Shades of Death Road (Warren County, NJ)

"¢ Unexpected Road (Buena, NJ)

"¢ Psycho Path (Traverse City, MI -- voted wackiest street name in a 2006 poll by

"¢ Divorce Court (Heather Highlands, PA)

"¢ Zzyzx Road (Zzyzx, CA)

"¢ Elvis Alive Drive (Outskirts of Vegas, courtesy of a Freakonomics blog commenter)

Got any examples of poorly named streets where you live? Send a picture for bonus points.*

*No cash value.