Greatest Hits of '07: Local Trivia


As we near year's end, we're re-posting a few heavily commented-upon posts from earlier in 2007. Here's one of my favorites, from September.

According to Wikipedia, Babe Ruth once lived in my hometown. I'm surprised this never came up. I realize it might be suburban legend, and you probably don't care. Most conversations starting with "Did you know Babe Ruth once lived in my hometown?" probably end soon thereafter.

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"¢ During the last season of The Sopranos, Tony and Christopher crashed on their way from New York to the greater Caldwell area. They were taken to St. Clare's Hospital in Denville. This bypassed several closer major hospitals, representing major inefficiencies in our health care system. But still, the plug was nice.

"¢ When I was in third grade, parts of Torch Song Trilogy were filmed at Knuth Farm, across the street from Lakeview School. During shooting, Matthew Broderick occasionally had lunch in our cafeteria. We were not allowed to meet him or know what the movie was about.

"¢ Former Knick, Senator and Presidential candidate Bill Bradley and Just Shoot Me star Laura San Giacomo are Ruth's modern rivals for the title of Denville's Most Famous Resident (though I don't think either live there now.)

"¢ Denville Dairy and Pavolo's Pizza are among the world's best providers of ice cream and pizza. (Says me.)