12 Presidential Candidates to Keep Your Eye On


Most political junkies can name all 16 major presidential candidates, but there were 42 candidates on the ballots in the New Hampshire primary! And that's only the candidates running for the republican and democratic party nominations. Who are all these people? Last March, I posted Those Crazy Candidates. Now that the primary season has started, I look back and see that the article centered on celebrities and fictional characters, including some who hadn't even declared. There are plenty of real people running that you've never heard of.

1. Jack Shepard

435_JackShepherd.jpg /

2. Gene Amondson

11gene-bottle.jpg /

More declared candidates, after the jump.

3. Vermin Love Supreme

435_vermin.jpg /

4. Chief Jack Boulerice

435_ChiefJack.jpg /

5. Princess Christina Gerasimos Billings-Elias

200_ChristinaBillings-Elias.jpg /

Christina born to be President of 'Our America.' ©™. 'The Chosen One, ©™ as proclaimed by Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, friends of Theodore and Evelyn Gerasimos, first Greek in Detroit 1890. People's King of the Greeks emanating from Spartan Royalty Warriors.

Although she has extensive information on her family tree and ancestors, I couldn't even find her birthday, much less an explanation of "The Chosen One". She alludes to a story of kidnapping and murder in her family, but does not elaborate. Billing-Elias is running as a democrat. She was not on the New Hampshire ballot.

6. Daniel Melzine Kingery

200Daniel Kingery.jpg
200Daniel Kingery.jpg /

At various times in my life, I've been a thief, adulterer, verbally insulted others, drank, smoked, and lied among many others that I'm not so proud of. Because of the lessons learned, I'm not ashamed of them either.

Kingery, as president, would abolish the electoral college, declare all judgeships to be elected positions, and make corrupt leaders subject to charges of treason. He favors a flat tax and a national ID card with DNA information to be issued at birth.

7. James Wellington Wright

430James WrightImmigration notice.JPG
430James WrightImmigration notice.JPG /

8. Joe Martyiuk

150_bigjoe.jpg /

Joe's an inventor and entrepreneur. He's short and dumpy. He stutters and stammers. All the bad things you hear about him are true. But there are 300 million of you to help him get the job done. He's pro-birth control, conceal carry, stem cell research, unions, separation of church and state, open internet, balanced budget, import brain power, and extended unemployment benefits. God bless and defend our troops.

9. Jonathon Sharkey

435_Sharkey.jpg /

10. Caroline Killeen

11killeen.jpg /

11. Jack Grimes

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12. Bennie Lee Ferguson

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Information for this article came from Project Vote Smart and from the Minor Candidate Report. I have barely scratched the surface of these resources.