The Exhaust Burger


Design Boom reported the results of the recent "Dining in 2015" competition. The winners were a set of pen caps that double as tableware for eating at work, a leaf-shaped spoon, and ceramic salt-and-pepper shakers that you break open to use. Those and the other finalists are all very trendy, interesting, and listed for your browsing pleasure. But one shortlisted entry from Iran grabbed my attention like a chocolate in a desk drawer: the Exhaust Burger mobile barbecue.

435_exhaustburger.jpg /

It's an attachment for your car's exhaust pipe. You insert a hamburger, and the heat from your vehicle exhaust cooks it! I knew I had to tell you about it, but I immediately started looking for all the unhealthy side effects of exhaust fumes in your food. Upon closer inspection, it looks like the exhaust travels over the food, with a partition in between. Whether that's enough to make you feel safe about eating it, I can't say. How far do you have to drive before a burger is cooked? Do you have to make a pit stop to turn it over? What if you forgot it was there? The people driving behind you might be able to smell it easier than you would. But don't forget to take your oven mitts -anyone who's ever suffered a muffler burn from riding a motorcycle knows how hot they can get!

It's certainly not the first time car heat has been used to cook. You'll find several examples in the mental_floss post Cooking with Tools.

I wonder if it comes with recipes. If it catches on, we'll soon see different sizes available for different purposes. Then you'll have to watch out for a semi with a crockpot attached to the back!