Was it a sign that while flossing last night, my gums started bleeding? No but really: as of tomorrow I'll be handing in my mental_floss jersey, perhaps to resurface at some point, in some avuncular (why not?!) capacity. So to celebrate the new era, here's a pensive shot of my parents' husky (who is looking for a home if you live in MI--and preferably on a lot of land) & here are some random "final blog entries" still glimmering somewhere out there:

Wednesday, May 9th

Final blog post...recap time.

Wow, this semester has flown by fast! I've had fun maintaining this blog and exploring different aspects of internet marketing... I hope you've enjoyed reading and following this blog (all 4ish readers of you...) over the course of the semester - hopefully you found something interesting along the way.



Since I'm leaving, I would like to give out "awards" to those who actually have a place with this userpage:

Nicest Member: xdude81: He and I wouldn't get in fights and he actually was a nice guy all the time.

Runner-Ups: -SpikyBlueHero-, SonicNinja (I forgot the numbers), sbfullmer, sho (man, what comes after that? 90?)

Favorite newbie: Okelion (is that how you spell it? Or is it Oeklion? Me forget): He isn't exactly new anymore...but when he was new...I thought I did help him out a lot

Coolest member: DoctorEggman: He seemed cool. And he had a couple of funny youtube videos. Too bad he didn't really care about my blogs...in fact, you get "Coolest member who didn't care about me."


And then there's Sarah Hepola's explanation of why she shut down her blog...And the evidence that she's back.


There was also some concern back in '06 that Dave Winer of scriptingnews.com was going to quit blogging, but he's still around; though, he does have what seems to me the best farewell speech:

"Blogging doesn't need me anymore. It'll go on just as well, maybe even better, with some new space opened up for some new things. But more important to me, there will be new space for me."d

Touché! Thanks everyone...I'm going to go join my foster cat (pictured) now--he's throwing me a last hurrah, which will likely be intense. Feel free to post sweet nothings on my still-myspace-after-all-these-years profile.