Gotta Have Backup


I have flat, sensitive, wide feet. They look and feel like they belong to someone grossly overweight and possibly arthritic. Meanwhile, I'm anything but. As a result of my peculiar feet, it's hard to find shoes that a) fit and b) feel good on me.

So when I do, I don't just buy one pair, I buy several boxes.

It's called backup. You have to be prepared because you never know when something you like is going to be discontinued. Don't giggle. It's happened before. Recently even. Brooks stopped making The Beast sneaker I'd been buying for years. The only sneaker that supports my fallen arches. When I found a company online that had a back inventory, I bought them out in my size, despite that they are, without a doubt, the ugliest sneakers on planet earth.
Same with dress shoes. I own many backup boxes of the same exact shoe. Just in case. "˜Cause, again, you never know when they might be pulled, or changed ever so slightly, replacing a leather insole with something synthetic that subtly changes the way they fit.

There are other reasons why backup is important in life. Let's say you run out of shampoo, or toothpaste, or underarm deodorant. Just in case, I always keep the bathroom well stocked with backup of all my favorite brands. Call me anal, call me pathetic, call me overly prepared, but hey, it beats bad breath, doesn't it?

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