The First Time News Was Fit To Print, XXVIII


In case you missed our first twenty-seven volumes or the greatest hits edition, let me explain. Every Monday, we go into the archives of The New York Times to find the first time the paper covered selected topics. If you have a suggestion for next week, leave us a comment.

Mick Jagger

September 6, 1964

Shaggy Englishman Story: British long-hairs are proud of setting a new tonsorial style -- but the barbers are cryingWe have become a very shaggy lot in England. Male hair, growing at the normal, world-average rate of half an inch a month, is not being brought into contact with scissors, clippers or razor. Foreheads have disappeared beneath hedgelike fringes and can only be glimpsed in a high wind. Ears and collars are similarly buried....Rather unfairly, the blame for all this is being put on the Beatles. (Nowadays, the blame for everything, with the possible exception of the climate, is put on the Beatles.) * * * * * Just about every teen-age girl in England wants to touch "“ just touch "“ the hair of a Rolling Stone or a Beatle or a Pretty Thing. It is her life's ambition....The Stones themselves, though, take it all more calmly. Mick Jagger, the lead singer, says: "We just like our hair the way it is. I suppose it gave us our chance. But it doesn't represent anything special to us."


December 22, 1983

A Not so Mad Race for Delegates on Capitol Hill The selection of the first delegates to the 1984 Democratic Presidential convention will take place early next year not in the chill air of Iowa or New Hampshire, as has been the case for many years, but in the temperature-controlled back rooms of Capitol Hill. Under new rules adopted last year by the Democratic Party, House Democrats will hold a caucus, probably in the first week of February, to choose 164 of their number as delegates to the party's national nominating convention, where there will be a total of 3,933 delegates. The aim is to get more of the party's top elected officials involved in the nominating process. * * * * * The party's only black Presidential candidate, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, is expected to include this class of ''superdelegates'' in a challenge to delegate selection rules. Mr. Jackson, who contends that the rules are racially discriminatory, is expected to argue that setting aside a bloc of delegate slots for elected officials deprives blacks of a chance to compete for these positions. Party officials insist that Mr. Jackson does not have a legitimate issue because the overall delegation to the national convention will reflect the percentage of blacks and other minorities in the party.

Keep reading for HD DVD and Spud Webb.


January 19, 1999

In Race to Develop Blue Lasers, Japanese Star Surges AheadA lone Japanese inventor [Shuji Nakamura] has outrun some of the world's largest and most advanced high-technology corporations in the race to develop a new generation of short-wavelength lasers. The achievement is likely to hasten the introduction of high-definition digital video disks, higher-resolution laser printing and inexpensive and highly efficient light bulbs for use in the home. * * * * * The commercial application of the new lasers is expected to have substantial impact. For example, they will make possible high-definition digital video disks, or HD DVD's, a step beyond the current digital video disks. The new disks will deliver HDTV-quality movies, concerts and stage presentations. In addition, music publishers could publish entire anthologies on a single HD DVD, carrying more than a dozen hours of music on each side. [The first NYT mention of the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD format war came in late 2003.]

Spud Webb

November 20, 1983

North Carolina St. Tops Houston, 76-64The experts had predicted that the result would not be close. Unlike the final of the National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament last spring, when North Carolina State defeated Houston by 2 points, this game more or less figured to be a showcase for Akeem Olajuwon, Houston's 7-foot center and the basketball fraternity known as Phi Slama Jama. Well, the experts were right about one thing - the score wasn't close today. But it was North Carolina State that won, 76-64, in the Tipoff Classic game that signals the opening of the college season. And if Jim Valvano, the Wolfpack coach, was pleasantly surprised, then his counterpart Guy Lewis was somewhat embarrassed by his team's performance. * * * * * The crowd favorite...was Anthony (Spud) Webb, the 5-foot-6-inch guard who transferred to North Carolina State this year after spending two years at Midland College, a junior college in Texas. After a slow start, Webb picked up the pace midway in the first half and scored 12 points, including two when he challenged Olajuwon on a drive. This offset the temporary loss of [Lorenzo] Charles, who drew two early fouls and was forced to sit down for seven minutes. The score was tied at 33 at the end of the first half, but Webb and Charles gave North Carolina State the lead at the start of the second. Houston may have acquired the nickname Phi Slama Jama for their exciting running and dunking game, but the Cougars looked to be a step behind during most of today's game.

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