7 Incredibly Specific Dating Sites


Okay, so by now it's no longer taboo to say you met your significant other on the Internet. My wife and I met online and so have a number of people we know. Match.com, eHarmony, the Web sites are as much a part of our vocabulary these days as lounge, bar, and set-up.

But for many, Match and eHarmony aren't specific enough. New-agers, Christians, Jews, Armenians, they all want to meet that special someone of similar background, with similar interests. And they're not the only ones. Check out these 7 great incredibly specific dating sites I found recently:

1. Darwin Dating By the name of this site, you might think it's for really smart folk, like you all, or, perhaps, turtles (?). Sadly, it's actually only for really beautiful people. Because, er, I guess that's what Charles Darwin spent his life studying? Hmmm. From the copy (note well the two different spellings of the word peak!):Sick of dating websites filled with ugly, unattractive, desperate fatsos? We are. Attractive people are at a disadvantage on normal internet dating sites. They have to wade through a plethora of ugly people and ugly people pretending to be attractive in order to find someone who matches their own attractiveness. Our strict rules and natural selection process makes Darwin Dating the perfect medium for attractive people to find other people of their own kind. Darwin Dating is a site for 18-35's only. The male sex drive peaks at 18 and the female sex drive peeks [sic] at 30 making 18-35 the perfect breeding age bracket.

2. Sweet On Geeks Now this is more like it! The copy is spelled correctly, and quite intriguing, if you ask me: "Is Leia and Captain Kirk your ultimate geek fantasy? Do intellect and offbeat humor equal attraction for you? Congratulations! You are among friends. If you self-identify as a geek, nerd, dork or dweeb then this is the place to make friends, find love or just be appreciated for who you are."

3. Irritated Being Single This unusual site takes its name from IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. As the copy proclaims: "The dating scene can be difficult for anyone. But if you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or Crohn's Disease it can be cause of added anxiety and embarrassment. Irritated Being Single is here to aid IBS and Crohn's Disease sufferers who would like to date but find it difficult to build new relationships due to symptoms that can be beyond their control. There is no better feeling than being with someone who understands exactly what you are going through."

4. Scientific Match A little creepy, but still sorta cool, the folks over at ScientificMatch.com use your DNA to maximize the chances of finding chemistry—actual, physical chemistry. Again, some interesting spellings found in the copy: "We faithfully guard your DNA. Your genetic information is never made public—not even you can see it. Our lab never knows whose DNA they're looking at. We only analyze a very few of your immune system genes—not your whole genetic makeup. And your DNA sample is destroyed after we're done with it. With all our safeguards, your genetic privacy is more vulnerable when you get a hair cut [sic] and leave the trimmings on the floor!"

5. Sugar Daddy For Me Not much to say about this one, except, eYikes! (in terms of both copy AND intent): "We are a Sugar Daddy Matchmaking Service with the goal to bring together successful, rich men [Sugar Daddy] and attractive women who love to be pampered, spoiled and supported. Looking for an Extramarital affair? Find what you really want and join our free adult dating site - Cut to the Chase!"

6. Athletic Dating This one seems like a good idea, and I particularly enjoy the funny tagline in the graphic above. Though what's with the "over 80 athletic activities to choose from" in the copy below? If I decide I'd like to invite my date to a thumb wrestling competition, is my profile removed? Potato sack race? From the copy: "Over 80 athletic activities to choose from including aerobics, basketball, cycling, martial arts, triathlon, and more. Whether you are looking for friendship, marriage, or an activity partner. You can find what you're looking for at athletic dating, join today."

7. Tattooed Singles This one really made me laugh when I first saw it. I mean, you REALLY have to love your tattoo to use it as the main criteria for finding a date, no? From the copy: Love tattoos and piercings? You're not alone! Share your passion for body art with other women and men. This site enables singles with tattoo designs and body art to meet and enjoy each others company. Tattooed Singles provides a comfortable and intimate environment to safely and conveniently find your perfect soul mate.