It's that time again, flossers! I get to run amok with the site all weekend while Jason and Mangesh kick back and relax. I hear Jason's in Boston for the weekend and I really hope he's visiting the Lizzie Borden House.

As usual, we've got some fascinating and intriguing posts for you from our brilliant collegiate readers. Here's a taste of what's to come:

  • Stefanie Becker from the University of Kansas is going to expose four secret college societies. You probably know that George Bush (and his dad, grandpa and great-grandpa) was a member of Skull and Bones, but did you know Thomas Jefferson was in a society of his own? Stefanie has the details.
  • Last College Weekend brought you the Origins of Your Favorite Video Game Friends and this one brings you the births of your favorite cereal mascots.

    Does Tony the Tiger have a sordid past? Nick Hansen from St. John's will fill you in.
  • Have you ever been watching, chuckI don't know, say, Happy Days, and think to yourself, "Didn't Richie Cunningham have an older brother at some point?" Yes, yes he did. Unfortunately, he was afflicted with Chuck Cunningham syndrome, which is apparently a blight in the land of television sitcoms. Patrick Hildebrandt from Temple addresses this serious problem in his article about characters who have randomly dropped out of existence from your favorite shows.
  • Another Temple student, Abby Shepherd, wants to know how much you really know about the presidential candidates. Sure, you know their views on the war and the budget and abortion and cloning and a million other things, but do you know which candidate would hold his breath as a child until he got his way? I think I just gave away that it wasn't Hillary, but to figure out which male candidate it was, tune in this weekend.
  • The amazing Jason Plautz uncovers an interestng detail about Madonna: she has completed 37 marathons, 300 triathlons and 31 Ironman Triathlons. Not that Madonna. Sister Madonna Buder from Spokane, Wash. College Weekend has the details about Sister Madonna and three other nuns who have some surprising sports ties.
  • Of course, we wouldn't go a whole weekend without providing a quiz or two.
  • Lots of good stuff, as always! See you this weekend. Oh, and if you missed the last edition of College Weekend, never fear: you can catch it here.