Newest Member of the Staff


It's my pleasure to introduce the newest member of the mental_floss team. Put your paws together for Leo, who recently joined Toby, Melanie, Dana and Nanette (all humans) in our Cleveland office. Leo came to us via Airedale Terrier Rescue and Adoption, the Midwest's #1 source for office dog placement.* If you order something from the mental_floss store, your dog may smell Leo on it.**

Leo inherits the mantle from the beloved Murphy, who passed away last fall. I'm not sure we ever acknowledged it here on the blog, but the Cleveland office really appreciated all the letters and emails of sympathy sent in by readers.

We're still trying to figure out Leo's roles and responsibilities. I'd like to see his ideas for 'name x in y minutes' quizzes. And perhaps he can collaborate with Allison on a dog food edition of 'Dietribes.'

Welcome, Leo!

UPDATE from Toby & Melanie: Thanks for all the kind comments about Leo. He'll celebrate his 2nd b-day on April 6th and he weighs 57 lbs. He's pure Airedale -- a handsome, smart fellow with a highly developed sense of play. A quick learner, he's already mastered the basics of being the office dog.

* Ontario, too. By the way, these rankings are unofficial. I'm not aware of any official regional workplace dog placement standings.

** Not that we're letting Leo lick your books or try on your t-shirts. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. That's all.