6 Tournament Brackets Your Office Needs to Fill Out


Joining the office pool for the NCAA tournament is definitely exciting for sports enthusiasts. But what if you love brackets, but don't really dig basketball? Well, we've got the solution right here. Read on as we cover 6 tournaments that come fully loaded with all of the gambling, but none of the sport.

1. Nerd Icons

435Nerds.png /

Nerds on Sports is having an tournament to decide who is the greatest nerd icon of all. They started out with 32 contenders. The voting is now down to the Elite Eight.

2. Fug Madness

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Celebrity blog Go Fug Yourself is winnowing down 64 celebrities in their Fug Madness tournament. They are divided into the Cher, Madonna, Bjork, and Charro regions. The Sweet Sixteen round is starting, with matchups between Fergie and Courtney Peldon, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, Paris Hilton and Brittany Murphy, and Chloe Sevigny and Phoebe Price today. The championship matchup will be on April 7th.

3. Romance Novels

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Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books, in collaboration with other book bloggers, is currently staging a 64-book tournament to see which 2007 romance novel beats all the others. They started out with eight books in each of eight genres. There are prizes for the author of the champion book and for the reader who most accurately predicts the final bracket. Round three, the Sweet Sixteen, starts today. You can keep up with tournament news here.

4. Lost Madness

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The Washington Post had their own March Madness tournament this year to decide who is the winning character on the TV show Lost. A full 64 characters started out on March 7th, and the winner was announced Tuesday. Click on "schedule" at the site to see the full bracket.

5. Name of the Year

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Name of the Year is an annual tournament of real people with unbelievable names. 64 names began the tournament in February. You can see the opening bracket here. The competition is in the Sweet Sixteen round now. Who will advance to the Elite Eight -Reprobatus Bibbs? Destiny Frankenstein? Steeve Ho You Fat? Alpacino Beauchamp? Warning: some names are hilariously rude.

6. The Morning News Tournament of Books

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The Morning News Tournament of Books is an annual event sponsored by Powells Books. The tournament began with 16 works of literary fiction published in 2007. Download the brackets and see previous matchups in the right sidebar at the site. The semifinal round is going on now. Unlike the other tournaments featured here, this one is decided by a panel of judges who individually decide various matchups.