How to Fix an iPod - the contest


Many of you hopefully recall my post the other day about two of my iPods that bit the dust, both while playing U2 songs. Several dozen of you wrote in offering not just condolences and sympathy (muchly appreciated, btw), but also rather nifty DIY fix-it solutions after I reported that the Apple Store said they could do nothing to bring the latest one back from the dead.

To me, this is one of the greatest examples of the power of the Internet. Because, lo and behold, one solution actually FIXED MY iPOD! In fact, as I type I'm sitting here listening to Glenn Gould playing Bach's Italian Concerto in F Major. Yes, as a team, we _flossers whipped the tuchases of the sorry folks at the Apple Store (in your face iPod Bar!).

So here's my way of saying thanks for saving me a couple hundred bucks on a new iPod:

Let's see how well you read and remember the original post, which I've momentarily taken down off the blog. We'll give away a book from our store to the first reader who can answer the following questions correctly:

1. What was the name of the first U2 song that killed my first iPod?
2. What was the name of the second U2 song that killed my second iPod?

And finally, (yes, this is total luck if you answer correctly):

3. What solution offered in the comments do you think brought my iPod back from the sad-face iPod morgue?

So drop those three answers in the comments and be sure to tell us which book you'd like from our store.

Once we have a winner, I'll also be singling out the reader who dropped the original DIY fix-it solution in the comments and sending her/him a copy of my novel Behind Everyman as a special, personal thank you.