How mental_floss Fixed My iPod!


We have a winner to our How to Fix an iPod Contest!

If you recall, two of my iPods froze while playing two different U2 songs over the course of a few years. The first time it was under warranty so the Apple store replaced it. But the second time the warranty had expired and the Apple store had no clue how to fix it. They suggested I buy a new one.

Whelp, one of our readers out-foxed the guys at the Genius Bar by dropping this comment in my original post:

Posted by Reub I have had the same problem with my 40g iPod. Actually I had the same problem four times (I remember because I was becoming so irritated that upon recieving my fourth iPod I named it iPod #4 which pops up to remind me every time I sync it to my PC) After trading it in three times previously my warrenty was out of date. I took a trip to Mexico where the iPod decided to give me the iPod face of death. With no Apple support to be found for hundreds of miles I became so frustrated that I did what anybody would do to fix a broken piece of electronics: I threw it on the ground. =) Low and behold the jolt from the impact jumpstarted my iPod haha. I've gotten the screen many times afterwards and now I just kind of hit it with the palm of my hand and put my ear to it to see if the hard drive is spinning on the inside. I haven't had to replace my iPod since. Thank you random acts of anger!

I figured I had nothing to lose, so I, too, threw the thing on the floor and voila! she's as good as new! Thanks Reub! I'll be sending you a copy of my novel, Behind Everyman.

And congrats to Amanda who correctly identified the two songs ("Walk On" & "Where the Streets Have No Name") and the cure: "Did you drop it?" We'll be in touch about your trophy In the Beginning.