Survey Winners! (And Other Odds/Ends)


"¢ Thanks to everyone who completed last week's survey. Our Cleveland office has randomly selected six winners:

—Lauren M. and Ed Hammerbeck get the mental_floss t-shirt of their choosing. — Air, Erin (whose email address has the word canary in it) and Adrienne Bruno have each won a free back issue of mental_floss magazine. — Kim Neon wins the Bob Dylan sketch book, The Drawn Blank Series.

Congrats! I'll be in touch about getting you those prizes.

After the overwhelming survey response (1,167 readers participated!), we'd like to thank all our readers, especially the 1,162 who did not win prizes. Until Sunday, everything in the mental_floss store except subscriptions is 15% off. Just enter the code "survey" during checkout. Our t-shirts are perfect for t-shirt weather.

"¢ Speaking of t-shirts, tomorrow is the last day to submit ideas for our t-shirt slogan contest. We've loved combing through the submissions so far—we've received over 300 entries! Keep 'em coming.

"¢ If any mental_floss t-shirt owners want to send us photos modeling them, the address for such things is

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"¢ Next week, the Daily Lunchtime Quizzes will be celebrating the 1980s. Finally, a chance to demonstrate your mastery of Head of the Class and The Joy of Painting.

"¢ The mental_floss Facebook page is up to 942 fans. Can we push that into the quadruple digits?