12 TV Shows Canceled After One Episode


Addicted to terrible reality shows? Take comfort knowing that they can’t possibly be as bad as these short-lived series, all of which were canceled after just one episode.

1. Heil Honey I'm Home!

Can you imagine a worse premise for a sitcom than the escapades of Hitler and Eva Braun? No? Well, picture this: a Jewish couple moves in next door. Seriously. (You can watch it here.)

2. The Will

Canceled in 2005 because people apparently didn't find family members and friends competing to be named the beneficiary of a loved one's will too palatable.

3. Who's Your Daddy? 

A 2005 reality show in which an adopted woman tried to pick her biological dad out of a group of phonies. Due to huge backlash, the show ended up being a "special" instead of a series premiere.

4. Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos

 Notable because it was actually canceled while on the air. During episode one, which featured videos of people in embarrassing (and often sexual) situations, the owner of the station called in and told them to pull it immediately. The network cut to a Cheers rerun.

5. Beware of Dog

 Capitalizing on the Look Who's Talking trend about 10 years too late, this 2002 Animal Planet show featured the inner thoughts of a dog adopted by some suburbanites.

6. Comedians Unleashed 

Another Animal Planet strike out. This was a standup comedy show with animal-themed jokes. Not funny.

7. Emily's Reasons Why Not

Poor Heather Graham. Her starring vehicle was canceled by the ABC programming chief the day after it aired, because he decided that it wasn't going to get any better.

8. Lawless 

In 1997, real-life retired Seattle Seahawk Brian Bosworth tried his hand at acting. His private investigator character was not very convincing, I guess.

9. The Melting Pot

"Mr. Van Gogh" is an illegal Pakistani immigrant in London. Lots of thoughtful, not-at-all racist hilarity ensues. Or not.

10. Secret Talents of the Stars 

No one cared about Danny Bonaduce riding a unicycle, Marla Maples doing gymnastics or Sheila E. juggling, though, so the secret talents of the rest of the "stars" will have to remain hidden.

11. Ford Nation

Disgraced Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s first crack at punditry was actually kind of successful. The 2013 premiere of his talk show, co-hosted by brother Doug, brought Canada’s Sun News its highest ratings ever. But network execs gave it the ax because production costs were too high. (The inexperienced duo’s first episode required five hours to film, and eight to edit.)

12. Turn-On

ABC executives pulled the plug on the risqué (and futuristic) 1969 sketch comedy show – whose scenes were supposedly written by a computer – just 10 minutes into its first episode, according to host Tim Conway. In actuality, the show was canceled a few days after it aired – although a local Ohio affiliate did decide not to return to the program after its first commercial break.