Our First (and LAST!) Famous Historical Figure Shopping List Contest


If you missed my interview with Hillary Carlip yesterday, be sure to check it out here because today we're presenting you with a chance to win your very own copy of her new book, À la Cart. In the book, Hillary imagines what the authors of various shopping lists she's found over the years might have been like. She even dresses up like them and takes on their personalities.

I thought it would be fun if we gave you all the chance to write a shopping list for a famous historical figure. If Lincoln were headed to Wal*Mart, what would be on that list? If Greta Garbo were in Target, what might she be looking for? How about Darwin? What would he be padding down the aisles of Whole Foods for?

Hillary will winnow down the entries to 10 finalists and then we'll let YOU guys pick the winner, just like in our caption contests.

Again, I'd urge you to check out yesterday's interview and video trailer for the book to get a better sense of Hillary's aesthetic, and her original sense of humor. Then, be sure to drop your historical figure's shopping list in comments below. Who knows, maybe if we get enough good ones, I'll put them together in a collection and see if someone is interested in publishing them.