Famous Historical Figure Shopping List Contest Finalists!


Hillary has sent me her 10 finalists from our latest contest: Famous Historical Figure Shopping Lists. Very well done everyone! Please only vote once by dropping your ballot in the comments below. The winner will get a free copy of Hillary's new book: À la Cart.

And the finalists are"¦

a) Amelia Earhart:

Adult Diapers

Ipod nano with "20's greatest hits" on it

Iphone for the in-flight movie

Value Jet Inc. brand Life Preserver

American Airlines brand "Airplane safety check list"


b) Day 6 — trip to Lowe's

(1) potting soil
(2) apple tree (potted)
(3) snake repellent
(4) duct tape

"“ God

Note to self: create Lowe's
c) Jesus:

gauze bandages
aloe vera
Red Bull

d) Sir Isaac Newton:

Apple Peeler

e) Cleopatra at Walmart:

-hand-held mirror
-antibiotic (from pharmacy dept.)
-cat food

f) Thomas Edison:

6,600-volt AC source
Jumper cables

(Note to self: Don't forget the carrots and potassium cyanide!)

g) Beethoven
new piano- legs off this time
1 new doodle pad
1 box Kraft Cheese and Macaroni
new drinking cup- lead one is just not working.
Excedrin Tension Headache.

h) Emily Dickinson:
(first and last visit to corner store)

crackers, dry
eggs -
wry, oh, rye bread
truth, beauty - heart!

Oh! flour, 1 bag, large

i) Oscar Wilde
@ Wal-Mart (3 am)

Trapper Keeper
new underwear
Hebrew National hot dogs
Bic razors
IB Profren
circus peanuts
Cherry Garcia
Revitalizing shampoo
veal (lots of it)

j) Marie Antoinette:

Duncan Heinz Cake Mix
Latest issue of Glamour mag.
Excedrin migraine