How To Dance While Barely Moving: the "Fishstick"


It's a big deal when a new dance is invented. Whether it's the Lindy Hop, the Electric Slide, or the immortal Crank That (Soulja Boy), a new dance can invigorate a nation and bring us together. So I kindly offer you the next dance craze sweeping the nation: the Fishstick.

The Fishstick was invented last week by dance experts Adam Lisagor, Merlin Mann, and Scott Simpson on their podcast You Look Nice Today (warning: some profanity and fart jokes). The Fishstick has simple rules:

1. Beginners should perform the Fishstick to the tune "Tighten Up" by Archie Bell & the Drells. "For presentation and learning purposes, you would want ['Tighten Up'] going." -Adam Lisagor 2. The Fishstick should be subtle. "Unless you're really staring at someone doing the Fishstick, you wouldn't know that they were dancing." -Scott Simpson; "...the Fishstick is mostly happening in your head." -Merlin Mann 3. Performances may look like minor neurological disorders. To an untrained observer, "it might look like somebody was thinking about something...maybe trying to remember something, or that they're having a very slight palsy." -Merlin Mann 4. While generally done as a solo dance, the Fishstick can be performed "alone, with a study partner, or while [...] waiting for something to finish cooking." -Merlin Mann

But of course, it's simplest just to show you the Fishstick in action. Here's a video of Adam Lisagor, one of its creators, performing the Fishstick in public (be aware that he's a master of the dance, so some moves are in fact visible to observers):

More Fishstick videos after the jump.

For you beginners, here's an instructional video explaining step-by-step how to do the Fishstick:

This Fishstick performance primarily involves blinking:

Ladies also do the Fishstick:

And this last one is particularly moving due to its extreme lack of movement:

Can you do the Fishstick? Check out some more awesome Fishsticks on Vimeo, and soon you too will be able to dance while barely moving.

Update: Fishstick co-creator Scott Simpson has published his Fishstick performance with a special "finishing move" as the music fades out. Apparently he also offers lessons.