The Sony Rolly


The Sony Rolly Sound Entertainment Player is an egg-shaped 2Gb MP3 player that flaps its wings, rolls around, and flashes LED lights in time to the music. Rolly was unveiled in Japan last fall, and has only been available in the US for a few weeks.

At its core, the Rolly Sound Entertainment Player is a robotic device that plays back music and can be programmed to dance to any of the music uploaded to it. In addition, it is a fun device to discover. Rather than looking at a screen to play music, there are different motions that you use to change the song, raise the volume and make it dance. With its Bluetooth® capability3 you can play music wirelessly from other devices such as your mobile phone or PC.

You can download programs for Rolly at the product site. Or you can register and upload yours to share with others... yeah, the Sony product site is a social networking tool. What isn't these days? To control Rolly, you move it around. Turn it on a flat surface to change the volume and roll it to change the song. That might take some getting used to, and may be a difficult while the thing is bustin' a move. But you have to admit it's cute.

Available in either white or black, Rolly will set you back $400. A charging cradle will cost you an extra $50. Is this so cute that it's worth that much, or is it basically a glorified cat toy?