How Old is Your Brain?


Some of you might have seen this little flash-based brain game. Whenever my mother forwards me something, I have to assume at least half the moms in America have already seen it. Nevertheless, I thought it was appropriate for the _floss for two reasons:

1) If you haven't played the game, you'll probably dig it and
2) We're giving away two cool new books to two lucky winners

Here's how you play. Click the link and then click start. Numbers will appear and then disappear. Your job is to memorize the numbers' respective positions and then click on them starting with the smallest and proceeding on up in order to the largest.

After 10 rounds, the program will calculate your brain's age.

I tried it a couple times and scored a 27 and then a 24, which made me feel pretty good since I'm practically twice that.

Post your lowest score in the comments, along with your actual age. We'll give away two books*: one to the first person with the absolute lowest score and one to the person with the biggest difference between actual brain age and brain age according to this fun game (please post your math, too).

All we ask is that you tell the truth, of course"¦ because what fun would it be if you embellish or stretch or otherwise warp the actual results?

* The two new books I have sitting on my desk right now, waiting to be claimed, are: Adam Nimoy's just released 'anti-memoir' My Incredible Wonderful, Miserable Life (yes, son of Leonard) and Christopher Cerf and Victor S. Navasky's Mission Accomplished! How We Won The War In Iraq.