4 Cool Typing Tests


Yesterday I looked at three notable typists. One of those was Arttu Harkki, who landed in the Guinness Book of World Records for speed texting on his Treo 650. I've always been fascinated with people who can type quickly, as I can barely peck out 70 WPM. But I'm always trying to improve... So if you're like me, here are a few cool typing tests you can take online to try to bolster your technique.

1. PowerTyping.com- this site has a cool free typing test where you will be asked to type a short paragraph in real time. It not only computes your WPM, it tells you how many mistakes you make per minute. Only problem is, the programming is such that you can't advance through the paragraph until you type the character, which means you could get held up for a long time on one word.

2. TypingTest.com - Over at typingtest.com, however, a similar test lets you move through the paragraph whether you type the write words/characters or not.

3. MrKent.com - For a laugh, try this typing test which generates random, silly phrases for you to test your skills.

4. The iPhone Typing Test - And if you want to test your iPhone hunt-and-peck skills, type along with the Apple Guy, who can punch out "I know a great place a couple blocks away. I will make a reservation for three" in 23 seconds flat.