The Quick 10: 10 Most Popular Tattoo Designs


Paul got his first tattoo last night, so I have tattoos on the brain, so to speak. I wanted to do 10 people you wouldn't expect to have tattoos, like, say, Martha Stewart or Barbara Bush. But I couldn't find that many, so I went with this one. This is according to The Tao of Tattoos, by the way, and it's based on the number of searches on their site.

The 10 Most Popular Tattoo Designs

1. Stars. I really like Simon Pegg's star tattoos on the inside of his arm.
2. Angels. Maybe it should be more like "religious" - I was thinking crosses would be higher up on the list.
3. Tribal.
4. Flowers.
5. Celtic.
6. Swallows, as in the birds. I had no idea these were popular.
7. Lower Back tattoos, AKA the "Tramp Stamp". I have nothing against them, by the way, but I do love the SNL skit that has Amy Poehler getting rid of her "Pretty Lady" lower back tat with a roll-on, deodorant-like tattoo remover.
8. Butterfly. Does Mariah Carey have a butterfly tattoo? I feel like she probably does.
9. Kanji. This makes me think of Britney Spears' neck tattoo "“ I believe she intended for it to say "mysterious" and instead it says "strange", unless this is an urban legend.
10. Black and Grey.

Things I thought would be on the list: fairies, hearts, dolphins, ladybugs, crosses, barbed wire. If you know of unexpected people with tattoos, leave it in the comments "“ I'm intrigued. Also, if you have an interesting tattoo, leave that in the comments as well. I'm tattoo-happy today! Hey: bonus points for whoever knows what Paul's tattoo is of.