11th Caption Contest Finalists


[there's still time to rock the vote people! - comments are open until sunday night...]Thanks to all who entered our 11th Caption Contest. As always, some of them were really good. Now it's up to you all to pick the winner, after the jump you'll find Marc Nobleman's 10 favorites. (Did you miss our interview with him?)
Drop your vote in the comments below and may the best caption win! (Remember: one vote per person please.)

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a) ""¦and by sitting in the exit row, you indicate that you feel comfortable assisting others in the case of an emergency?"

b) "Kal-el? Is that Middle Eastern? Please wait here for security."

c) "I'm not sure you understand, sir. Frequent flier miles are accumulated only on aircraft assisted flights."

d) "My eyes? I can't take my eyes on the plane? They are NOT concealed weapons!"

e) "No, I don't have any baggage. You're thinking of Batman."

f) "I'm sorry, sir. We have nothing available over the wings. Er"¦you did want that inside the plane, right?"

g) "I don't care if you did catch Stalin and Hitler. Without ID you are not getting on this plane."

h) "Muhammad Ali was wrong"¦"

i) "I've fought Lex Luthor, Brainiac, and the rest of the Legion of Doom, and none of them were evil enough to charge for checked bags."

j) "I'll pay for the upgrade to First Class, but if I have to get out to push, it's free."